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Glazing in London

At Sigma Maintenance, we have been installing double glazed windows and doors to the properties of London.

All of our team have vast experience and expert knowledge in the trade, making our team a top-quality choice when it comes down to the glazing on your home windows and doors.

Opting for double glazing is the most popular decision when it comes down to the windows and doors of our homes. At Sigma Maintenance, we offer double glazed windows and doors available in UPVC. UPVC window frames are durable and resistant to rot, making this an ideal choice if you do not wish to replace your windows for many years. With a long life expectancy and little maintenance required, once your double glazed UPVC windows are installed, the job is minimal for you.

There are many benefits that come with having your windows glazed. Not only will the life expectancy of your windows increase due to the durability, but they will also have much more resistance to extreme weathers. This is essential living in the UK (London) as the weather can be bad at times. Not only this but having glazing on your windows will prevent heat from leaving your property. This allows you to maintain the temperature within your home much easier, which saves on long-term costs through your energy bills. Less energy used also means this is a much better choice for the environment.

At Sigma Maintenance, our glazing service is a cost-effective choice long term through the energy-efficient quality along with the increased security and reduced chance of interior damage. Along with this, the glazing will reduce outdoor noise and create little to no condensation in hot weather. Having glazing on your windows, therefore, benefits you in many ways when living in your property and can also be beneficial when deciding to move. With glazed windows, your property value will increase, making your home much more desirable when selling it on the market at a later date.

If you are looking for a professional team to supply you with glazed windows and doors in your property in London, look no further than our team at Sigma Maintenance. Why not give us a call today on 07949773284 for a no-obligation quote or any further information you may require regarding our glazing services.

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Our philosophy

Our mission is to provide the residents of London with a no hassle property maintenance service where all work exceeds expectations, meets deadlines and offers excellent value for money. We offer a friendly and reliable property maintenance service to the residents of London and surrounding areas and have been doing so for many years.

Why choose us?
We know that choosing the right company to complete work on your property can be difficult and time-consuming. We have highlighted some reasons to choose us for your next project.

Here at SIGMA Maintenance & Refurbishment Ltd we have built up an excellent reputation in our local area by offering the most comprehensive and expert service in London.

Great Rates & Quotes

Here at SIGMA Maintenance & Refurbishment Ltd we strive to give all of our customers the best quotes we can, and constantly research our competitors so that we can keep doing so, time and time again. Are you looking for a property maintenance quote? Look no further!

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We strive to be a company that you can rely on. That’s why we arrive on time each day, and are well equipped for the job at hand. Doing so means that we can always stick to a predetermined time scale, and the initial quotation that we have provided.

A Time Served Team

We are time served property maintenance company and have many years experience working within trade. Throughout our many years operating in London we have built up a wealth of experience along with a long list of satisfied customers.

Highly recommended

Most of our work is gained through word-of-mouth recommendations, which goes to prove just how much care we put into our work. Many of our previous clients return to us for other work.